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Divorce, can be stressful on you and on your other family members. It is a breakdown of a legal bond. In a stressful time, planning a strategy to deal with this difficult time is your best defense. An effective plan can help address the needs of you and your spouse while keeping your children’s best interest. The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook take great pride in advocating on your behalf. While fighting for you and your families right’s we will also strive to maintain peace between all parties involved.

Divorce laws vary widely across all states. At our law offices, our team knows and understands the laws in Arkansas as well as Eastern Oklahoma. Even if you do not understand what you are entitled to, we do and we will aggressively seek a fair share in your settlement.

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Property Division

When it comes to dividing property, this process can be stressful and the other party may be aggressive in negotiations. In the state of Arkansas, all marital property shall be distributed one-half to each party unless the court finds such a division to be inequitable. In that event the court can make some other division that the court deems equitable. Ensuring that you receive your fair share is important to our team and to the settlement of your case. Our divorce lawyer team will fight for your rights and help to ensure a peaceful dissolution.

It is also very important to seek experienced legal counsel for matters of spousal and child support. Having an experienced and reliable divorce attorney in Arkansas to organize custody, support, and property division is imperative. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can figure out a plan by yourself. Our Arkansas lawyers will listen to your needs and create a solid plan for your situation. stances.

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