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Fort Smith Personal Injury Lawyers Assisting Clients throughout Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma

As Arkansas personal injury attorneys, we advocate for you when negligence contributes to your injury

When you suffer an injury due to someone else’s negligence or irresponsibility, it’s natural to feel angry toward that person and anxious about your recovery and medical expenses. At The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook, we care about providing you with a positive outlook. We fight for you in and out of the courtroom against the liable parties in your case to increase your chances of receiving proper compensation for your injuries. Our experienced personal injury litigators offer friendly and affordable counsel to assure you a swift resolution of your case that leaves you in a better position.

Protecting your family members from nursing home negligence

When you believe that a loved one in a nursing home is suffering from some form of abuse, it is important that you contact a qualified personal injury attorney immediately. Our nursing home negligence attorneys analyze the state of the facility and its employees to find any evidence of neglect and fight to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

Trusted advocacy in products liability cases

Negligence by manufacturers often leads to dangerous products. Our compassionate products liability attorneys represent you after an injury due to a defective product, proving negligence in the manufacturing process and insufficient warnings or recalls.

Representation in all types of medical malpractice suits

When doctors make mistakes in their work, they often attempt to sweep the evidence under the rug. Don’t let them get away with it. Our attorneys hold doctors accountable for their medical malpractice and ensure that you receive proper treatment and sufficient compensation for your injuries.

Representation in electrical accidents/burns

When you are severely injured or burned due to an electrical accident, our attorneys hold the electrical companies accountable and ensure that you and/or your family receives proper treatment, and compensation for your injuries.

Our personal injury attorneys are here for you

After an injury, you may be entitled to a variety of benefits. Our hard-working attorneys dedicate themselves to seeking results such as:

  • Medical coverage. We obtain compensation for all of the medical and rehabilitation costs you incur as a result of your injury or illness.
  • Compensation for lost wages. If your injury requires you to miss a significant amount of work, we ensure that you receive compensation for your lost wages and earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering damages. The emotional and physical trauma you suffer from your injury can have long-lasting effects; we make sure you receive compensation for your pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages. We hold the negligent party accountable to prevent future wrongdoing to others.

Trucking Accident and Big Rig Accidents

At The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook, we handle several different types of cases, and as a truck accident law firm, we understand the effects a semi truck accident might have on drivers and passengers alike. That’s why we are here to help.

Get the Compassion, Care, and Dedication That Other Big Truck Law Firms Can’t Offer

If you have been involved in a truck accident and anyone in your vehicle has dealt with serious injury or loss of life as the result of a collision, you need a qualified legal team on your side. That’s where ln::firm_name] come in. More so than other big truck accident law firms, the attorneys at our firm have dedicated themselves to a thorough understanding of big rig accidents and other types of trucking accidents, as well as their legal repercussions. With this knowledge, we are prepared to fight for compensation on your behalf.

Work with Experienced Attorneys Who Understand You and Your Hardships

Not only do our attorney have the compassion and dedication to handle your case, but we also have the practical experience in these types of cases. We understand what you’re going through, and we know the hardships you may be facing after a devastating accident. Whether you were involved in an collision with a semi truck or were hit by another large commercial vehicle, we have experience with a variety of different cases involving big rig trucking and can deal with your specific circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to seek the compensation you deserve for accidents caused by or involving big trucks. Our attorneys are here to help you get through this trying time. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and let the healing process begin.

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Call The Law Offices of Craig L. Cook today at 479-222-1705 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at any of our three locations in Fort Smith, Ozark, or Paris Arkansas. You have constant access to an experienced attorney who keeps you at ease and provides you with updates on the progress of your case. Don’t hesitate — contact our friendly attorneys now.

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